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Looking for an experiential activity for a Strengths Workshop? Well, look no further!
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RYS Escape Room is a team-building game where participants work together to find and solve clues around the room to open each of the locks surrounding a locked box. All of the puzzles revolve around CliftonStrengths. The game promotes skills such as collaboration, communication, critical thinking, and problem-solving.

The instructions come with a materials list that you will need to purchase (including various types of locks and the “box”). Links are provided for all the extra materials you will need. This packet contains Strength specific game materials, set up instructions, and how to play the game. Once the additional elements are purchased, you use this first RYS Escape Room version for a first run, and then use this as a template to create your strength puzzles to create new escape rooms. Carol Anne will also be designing new variations that will be available in future versions.

The RYS Escape Room takes approximately 45 minutes to complete and will require a most-important debrief afterward. (Strengths-related debrief questions are included.)

This Escape Room is portable and designed for use in a workshop or small group environment (i.e., business, coaching, conference, secondary/higher education classrooms, youth groups, Sunday school classes).

It allows participants to demonstrate their knowledge of 17 of the CliftonStrengths themes. There is also a challenge game included.

Included are 17 full-color theme posters adapted from the book, “Draw On Your Strengths.”

The ideal group is 10-20 participants.

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