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Decades of research has shown that when employees are given the opportunity to do what they do best every day, the effect on individual, team, and organizational performance is powerful. The problem is that most people aren’t able to accurately identify their own strengths and therefore can’t intentionally use them.

Let me help you become more effective, efficient, and engaged in your life!

Carol Anne McGuire

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It was a natural progression for me to think deeply about Gallup Strengths through the lens of my faith, and soon I recognized that the heroes of the Scriptures were operating in God-given Strengths!
Carol Anne McGuire
Get a little extra jolt of your Strength with a hot cup of Joe or contemplate resting in your Strength zone with a smooth cup of tea!
Carol Anne McGuire
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Top 5 Strengths Illustrated Posters are suitable for framing in your office or home will remind you, your workmates, your clients just what you are good at!
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You know you are 'owning it' when you are wearing your Strengths! Check out the wearables that I have made to remind my clients of their Strengths.
Carol Anne McGuire
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Self-Discovery: Woo and Focus

(Photo by @CliftonStr)

Last week I attended the CliftonStrengths Summit for certified coaches in Omaha, Nebraska. Over 600 coaches from around the globe ascended on Omaha to meet and celebrate this inaugural conference.

The first night was a meet-n-greet where we first met up with one another. Leading up to this meeting, I was very eager to finally see the coaches that I'd only met online. My Woo was on "high alert!"

It you had asked me how Woo (my #5) and Focus (my #3) worked together the week prior, I may not have had a very clear answer. I don't think I've ever thought about these two hand-in-hand.

As I mingled around Gallup's headquarters, I met many, many wonderful people. But there was something missing that I couldn't put a finger on...till I got back to the hotel. I learned something about myself on this day that I had never thought about. I learned that my Woo NEEDS Focus! It doesn't need it in a "I'd love to meet people because there is a crowd" kind of needs it in "I can meet anyone if I am focused!"

I needed priorities, a task, direction, a scavenger hunt, a purpose...something. Without that, I felt a bit lost. This could have also been my Achiever working a bit, but Focus gives me a track to run on.

So I had to think...have there been other times in my life when I've felt this. After all, I live a very public life. My husband and father are preachers and I am an international keynote speaker, professional development specialist and workshop leader. I am around many people on a weekly basis that I do not know. All of these arenas provide me much energy. But why? I realized it is because I have a solid focus in each of these areas. In church, I am usually the host- greeting people is essential. When speaking, I love to bring people in and invite them into my corner of the world. I have a focus.

Without Focus my Woo is lost. With Focus, my Woo has energy and enthusiasm!

How do your themes work together? Take your Top 5 and lay them out on a table. Put them together in random pairs. Are you able to articulate how these pairs work together for you? If not, start taking notice of circumstances in your life where the two of them are paired naturally.

This was a big "Ah-ha" moment for me.

Rock Your Strengths,

Carol Anne

Teach With Your Strengths- Command

People who are especially talented in the Command theme have presence. They take control of a situation and make decisions.

These educators are able to bring calm to chaos. They are direct and decisive in their teaching. When pushed, they will push back. But that directness brings emotional clarity. Crying does not work with this person. (So, save your tears, and get to the point.)

They may seem bossy, but they want to be in the driver's seat. This is a fantastic Strength when situations seem out of control and you need someone to deal with the challenges and conflicts in a say. Some say they are intimidating, imposing or controlling. And they can be! But you will always know where this person stands, and that is powerful!

I included tips for both an educator and a student with high Command.

Command is most likely paired with Strategic. Together, these two themes add a pattern to the power.

Lead on! If you have Command, we need you to take charge in emergencies. This can be an extremely inspirational and motivational theme when harnessed and leverage in the right ways!

Be reminded of your Strengths.

Be purposeful in how you use them!

Rock Your Strengths!

Teach With Your Strengths, Book and Prints

If you are an educator, I teach an online class through Fresno Pacific University in California called "Teach With Your Strengths." You will discover your strengths and learn how to leverage them in your classroom- while seeing connections in how to discover strengths in your students.

My book is almost finished- we are just working with the publisher on fine details. I will have an announcement very soon on the publish date. It will be available in hardback, as well as an eBook version.

Each of the 34 themes is available in 8x10" glossy prints. They are part of a limited edition. After they are printed, I will not be printing these again. They are great gifts for the Strengths enthusiast in your life! The prints can be found under the tab "Strengths Art Store" at the top of the page.

And there's one more thing- I will be sketching out a new book based on Bible characters who exhibit the 34 Strengths found in StrengthsFinder. You are welcome to join in our conversation/Bible study adventure on Facebook:

See you online!

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