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Decades of research has shown that when employees are given the opportunity to do what they do best every day, the effect on individual, team, and organizational performance is powerful. The problem is that most people aren’t able to accurately identify their own strengths and therefore can’t intentionally use them.

Let me help you become more effective, efficient, and engaged in your life!

Carol Anne McGuire

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It was a natural progression for me to think deeply about Gallup Strengths through the lens of my faith, and soon I recognized that the heroes of the Scriptures were operating in God-given Strengths!
Carol Anne McGuire
Get a little extra jolt of your Strength with a hot cup of Joe or contemplate resting in your Strength zone with a smooth cup of tea!
Carol Anne McGuire
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Top 5 Strengths Illustrated Posters are suitable for framing in your office or home will remind you, your workmates, your clients just what you are good at!
Carol Anne McGuire
You know you are 'owning it' when you are wearing your Strengths! Check out the wearables that I have made to remind my clients of their Strengths.
Carol Anne McGuire
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Deborah as Command®

Deborah helped turn the nation of Israel toward God after 20 years of oppression.
Imagine God used a woman to lead an army into battle and a nation to victory.
Those who think God can’t use women to lead need to read the story of Deborah. The real question is not can God use women to lead but why hasn’t God used more women?
Didn’t God use Deborah?
Didn’t God use Esther to save her nation?
Didn’t Jesus use the Samaritan woman at the well to spread the good news?
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Making Strengths-Based Resolutions

We spend a lot of time at the beginning of each New Year trying to “fix” what is wrong with us… lose weight, spend less-save more, exercise, quit smoking, get a new job…

Typically, the first two weeks of these new goals are fantastic! But by February, most people are back where they started. Why? Are we just lazy?

No! We are just trying to motivate ourselves in the wrong way!

Think about something that sets your heart on fire! What is that thing? What expands your mind and makes you want to dive deeper into that topic? What connects you on a deeper level to people around you? What is a topic that you cannot help yourself from speaking about? Is there something that you can’t wait to make happen?

We need to change our mindsets from “fixing” a problem to CREATING a world where you can shine your light in a way that is uniquely you!

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Hiring A Coach

I bit the bullet this week. My best friend and I hired a personal trainer to work us out and get us back into shape. Now, I have not worked out in approximately 30 this was REALLY nerve-wracking for me! But the time had come. I'd thought about it, tried other ways to get into shape on my own, but it really came down to being accountable to someone else that has more knowledge of this whole "health" thing than I do.

Our first workout was on Friday. We could BARELY walk out of the gym when we were finished! And to make matters worse, I left my car keys back in my office...on the complete other side of the campus. My friend, being the good friend that she is, offered to walk with me. Let me tell was a SSSLLLLOOOOOOWWWW walk! But we made it! I got my keys and we headed back down the stairs to the parking lot.

HOLY SMOKES!! Why is it so hard to walk DOWN STAIRS after a work out?! What's up with that?! As a group of middle school kids whirled around us, we held on to the railings for dear life as we carefully navigated each step...trying to will our legs not to buckle! It was a really hysterical that I'm looking BACK on it!

Two days later, I thought we had lost our minds when we could barely move! (And what's with two days later my muscles not wanting to cooperate?!) But on THAT day, we decided that we'd walk the track next to the gym. After the walk, we thought that we'd TRY to do a partial workout.

Here's what we discovered...

* we're much stronger than we think we are! Even after a hard workout with a professional, trying to work out on our own afterwards was easier than expected...when we made up our minds to work out those muscles.

* the first two days is painful. Working out muscles that haven't been thought about in a long time was not fun...but necessary. I mean, we HAVE muscles, and we use them daily...but not like when "Coach Frankie" was working with us. I discovered I had muscles that I didn't even know I had!

* it's not so hard the second time. Once we knew what muscle groups we were focusing on, and how to apply the right weights and techniques, it became easier to do.

* we needed a coach. We needed someone with more knowledge on the subject that we had. We needed someone who could see things in us that we couldn't initially see- and help develop those things. I discovered that I like ab-work. Those exercises are easier for me to do with better technique.

* your muscles might not like you as much in the beginning. Learning new ways of doing things is not easy at first. Taking a good (hard) look in the mirror at yourself is sometimes one of the best gifts you can give yourself.

If you are debating on whether getting a Strengths Coach is something you need to do, think about these things:

* Do you want to do more of what you do best each day?

* Are you willing to take a good (hard) look at yourself and find ways to work smarter instead of harder?

* Can you put in the time it takes to develop the "muscle" of your talents and turn them into Strengths?

Just knowing your Top 5 is kind of like knowing that you have muscles. You may not take care of them, or even pay much attention to their functions. But when you work on them, and start seeing how they work for you each day makes you more aware of yourself. You'll start seeing patterns in your life where you are really awesome!

Let's talk about how together, we can ROCK YOUR STRENGTHS!

Self-Discovery: Woo and Focus

(Photo by @CliftonStr)

Last week I attended the CliftonStrengths Summit for certified coaches in Omaha, Nebraska. Over 600 coaches from around the globe ascended on Omaha to meet and celebrate this inaugural conference.

The first night was a meet-n-greet where we first met up with one another. Leading up to this meeting, I was very eager to finally see the coaches that I'd only met online. My Woo was on "high alert!"

It you had asked me how Woo (my #5) and Focus (my #3) worked together the week prior, I may not have had a very clear answer. I don't think I've ever thought about these two hand-in-hand.

As I mingled around Gallup's headquarters, I met many, many wonderful people. But there was something missing that I couldn't put a finger on...till I got back to the hotel. I learned something about myself on this day that I had never thought about. I learned that my Woo NEEDS Focus! It doesn't need it in a "I'd love to meet people because there is a crowd" kind of needs it in "I can meet anyone if I am focused!"

I needed priorities, a task, direction, a scavenger hunt, a purpose...something. Without that, I felt a bit lost. This could have also been my Achiever working a bit, but Focus gives me a track to run on.

So I had to think...have there been other times in my life when I've felt this. After all, I live a very public life. My husband and father are preachers and I am an international keynote speaker, professional development specialist and workshop leader. I am around many people on a weekly basis that I do not know. All of these arenas provide me much energy. But why? I realized it is because I have a solid focus in each of these areas. In church, I am usually the host- greeting people is essential. When speaking, I love to bring people in and invite them into my corner of the world. I have a focus.

Without Focus my Woo is lost. With Focus, my Woo has energy and enthusiasm!

How do your themes work together? Take your Top 5 and lay them out on a table. Put them together in random pairs. Are you able to articulate how these pairs work together for you? If not, start taking notice of circumstances in your life where the two of them are paired naturally.

This was a big "Ah-ha" moment for me.

Rock Your Strengths,

Carol Anne

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