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Book: Heroes of The Faith

What patterns do we see in the scriptures regarding your Top 5 Strengths? (regular price $37.95)
  • Book: <i>Heroes of The Faith</i>
  • Book: <i>Heroes of The Faith</i>
  • Book: <i>Heroes of The Faith</i>
  • Book: <i>Heroes of The Faith</i>
  • Book: <i>Heroes of The Faith</i>
150 pages • hard bound • gloss finish
11” x 8.5” • 80 lb paper

Wait! Buy the Accompanying Heroes of the Faith Curriculum Resources for Small Group Studies and save $7.95 on the Book alone price!! (Make purchase as a digital download bundled with the book.)

What are your Top 5 Strengths? Do you know how to utilize each one in a meaningful way to serve Christ? Your Strengths are a special gift from God. How might you use yours to influence others, build relationships, execute projects or strategically think about serving a risen Savior?

Romans 12 states that we each have our own special and unique role in the Body of Christ and His Kingdom. Understanding our Strengths in a Biblical context brings light to our roles as Christians and provides leverage for us to be a light for Christ in all areas of our lives. "Heroes of the Faith" will immerse you in the lives of 34 Biblical heroes who exhibit each of the StrengthsFinder® themes. This book can be used as a personal Bible study or group devotions.


Draw On Your Strengths (the book!)


Book: Heroes of The Faith

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