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Rock Your Strengths Gift Store

Strength Focus Bracelet & Necklace

Your top 5 around your neck - or on your wrist.
50% Off!!!
  • Strength Focus Bracelet & Necklace
  • Strength Focus Bracelet & Necklace
  • Strength Focus Bracelet & Necklace
  • Strength Focus Bracelet & Necklace
I LOVE these circle necklaces and bracelets! Washer negativity away!

Everywhere I go, people ask where I got it! 

You can definitely stack all Top 5 bracelets, or wear it solo. Your choice!  The necklaces can be worn as a choker, or the strap can be worn loosely around your neck. 

This beautiful circle features a stainless steel ring etched with one StrengthsFinder theme name and is hung on a black leatherette strap. The adjustable closing made out of Macrame knot. 

The circle on the bracelet is 3/4”, the necklace is 1 1/4”.  Bracelets have a 9” loop, and necklaces have a 24” loop. Each item is adjustable to create the perfect fit for you! 

What are your Top 5 talents? 
Each necklace and bracelet are branded with a Strengthsfinder theme. The intention of these words are 1) to remind you of who you are, and 2) help you be purposeful in leveraging your Strengths at work, with your families, and at play! 

There is a purpose and strength inside of you.  Our goal is to encourage you to rock your strengths!

The rings also make a great addition to another necklace you have, or also to your keychain! 

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Strength Focus Bracelet 9" leatherette cord 3/4" Washer Inside Diameter


Strength Focus Necklace/Choker 24" leatherette cord 1 1/4" Washer Inside Diameter


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